How to touch up your windows between professional cleanings – Part 2

Now that we have the question of “What soap should I use” answered, lets dig a little deeper into window cleaning methods!

Touch-up method

1. Spray glass cleaner onto window, making sure the foam covers the entire surface to be cleaned.

2. If necessary, rub the foam into the glass surface (agitation). This will help remove larger particles.

3. Wait for the foam to “melt” a bit, i.e. the foam evaporates and turns watery.

4. Wipe off cleaner and polish with a clean, dry rag or paper towel (no, newspaper doesnt work lol.)

5. Repeat if necessary. If you’re feeling confident, and want to put your squeegee skills to the test, that will work too.

You can get a basic squeegee for under $20 at Home Depot or Lowes. Get a good one, it makes all the difference. We recommend Unger stainless steel squeegees for the average consumer.

Consumer Grade Window Cleaning Squeegee

Unger Consumer Grade Window Cleaning Squeegee


If you go the squeegee route, please remember… Its all about the technique. Our window cleaning solution is simply the tiniest little bit of Dawn, and its there mostly for slip on our squeegees Keep the squeegee on the glass as much as you can to keep streaks and drips to a minimum.


We hope you enjoyed our little presentation, and wish you the best of luck with these techniques until we meet again!