Northeast Pressure Washing Event – Bethlehem PA

March 7,8,9 2014 – Best Western Plus – Bethlehem PA

The Northeast Pressure Washing Seminar in Bethlehem, PA was a great time for us. There were great presentations by Curt Kempton, April Dodson, Mike Goeller, Tim Fields and more. This event was a great inspirational kick-off to the busy window cleaning season.

I had the opportunity to give a speech titled “Suburban SEO Survival Guide” to a very receptive room. Honestly, I don’t get nervous often, but I definitely had butterflies in my belly before this one… I hadn’t given a speech in front of a room full of people since high school lol.

Luckily, my presentation on SEO for window cleaners and pressure washing pros went exactly how I wanted it to. I’m actually kind of ready to do it again 🙂

Chris Cartwright, Triple C Window Cleaning's  owner, giving a presentation at the NorthEast Pressure Washing Seminar - March 2014

Chris Cartwright, Triple C Window Cleaning’s owner, giving a presentation at the NorthEast Pressure Washing Seminar – March 2014

 Thanks again to Thad Eckhoff, Jack Kramer, Tom Vogel and all the sponsors for putting this event on and for having me out to speak!

NOLA 2014

NOLA 2014 – The 7th Annual New Orleans Cleaning Contractor Networking Event


This past January, my lovely fiance’ and I jumped on a plane to New Orleans for the 7th annual window cleaning / pressure washing contractor’s networking conference. This event was produced by the WCRA and PWRA as a way for the best and brightest that our industry has to offer to network and commiserate once a year.

My biggest regret is not going to the other 6 events !

The hotel (The Provincial, New Orleans) and conference venue (Beuregard-Keyes House) were excellent, the event and speakers were on-point and highly informative, and the parties were wild.

Outside of the Beauregard Keyes House

Outside of the Beauregard Keyes House

The Garden at the Beauregard Keyes House

The Garden at the Beauregard Keyes House

The speakers covered a broad range of subjects from marketing and sales to safety and company culture.

Master of Ceremonies Thad Eckhoff (President, PWRA – Owner, Apex Services – Hattiesburg MS) ran the show smoothly and injected a lot of conversation into the room. Anya Curry (Ambidextrous Services – Raleigh, NC) gave an enlightening presentation on breaking your Google addiction, while Mark Palmer ( gave insight into the importance of web conversion rates.

Dave Carroll (Lions Share Maintenance & ProPosal – Minneapolis, MN) dove into the art of commercial window cleaning and pressure washing sales. Wrapping up the presentations was Curt Kempton (5 Star Window Care – Responsibid – Gilbert, AZ) with a discussion on creating company culture. In my opinion, Curt’s presentation could have been an all day workshop (hint hint lol)

After the presentations, we were treated to a live taping of The Mole and Jersey Show (Michael Mole and Josh Cronin), which is the window cleaning and pressure washing industry’s top weekly program. My fiance and I are addicted to this show, and watch every week!

Unfortunately, after the show we were still left to wonder “Who is Shecky?” 😉

Aside from the conference, the city of New Orleans is beautiful and the party atmosphere in New Orleans is excellent! This was our first time in New Orleans, and it was bar none one of the best times I’ve had in decades (and Im a guy that used to travel around the country as a professional party animal lol). Even though it was cold, it was still a great time.

Jackson Square 1
Jackson Square Church
Jackson Square Me
Jackson Square Shadow

My favorite part of the whole experience was having conversations with the best and brightest minds that our industry has to offer. The amount of comradery found in NOLA far exceeded my expectations. There were no egos, no BS, no rock stars, just warm, welcoming people there on a common mission… to better their businesses and lives.

Needless to say, we will be back every year !

On the balcony of the Hotel Provincial

On the balcony of the Hotel Provincial

The beautiful courtyard at the Hotel Provincial - New Orleans LA

The beautiful courtyard at the Hotel Provincial – New Orleans LA

I just wanted to thank Thad and all involved with the production of this event. The people I met were too many to thank individually, but you were all awesome and I can see some great friendships coming from this event. Thanks to the sponsors of the event, including PWRA, WCRA, Window Cleaning Resource, Responsibid, GlassRenu, Ambidextrous Services and Pressure Tek

If you didn’t go this year, you might want to jump on next year. I promise, its worth every single penny!

Check some of the videos c/o The Mole and Jersey Show below!

NOLA 2014 Wrap Up

Mole and Jersey Live at NOLA 2014

How to touch up your windows between professional cleanings – Part 2

Now that we have the question of “What soap should I use” answered, lets dig a little deeper into window cleaning methods!

Touch-up method

1. Spray glass cleaner onto window, making sure the foam covers the entire surface to be cleaned.

2. If necessary, rub the foam into the glass surface (agitation). This will help remove larger particles.

3. Wait for the foam to “melt” a bit, i.e. the foam evaporates and turns watery.

4. Wipe off cleaner and polish with a clean, dry rag or paper towel (no, newspaper doesnt work lol.)

5. Repeat if necessary. If you’re feeling confident, and want to put your squeegee skills to the test, that will work too.

You can get a basic squeegee for under $20 at Home Depot or Lowes. Get a good one, it makes all the difference. We recommend Unger stainless steel squeegees for the average consumer.

Consumer Grade Window Cleaning Squeegee

Unger Consumer Grade Window Cleaning Squeegee


If you go the squeegee route, please remember… Its all about the technique. Our window cleaning solution is simply the tiniest little bit of Dawn, and its there mostly for slip on our squeegees Keep the squeegee on the glass as much as you can to keep streaks and drips to a minimum.


We hope you enjoyed our little presentation, and wish you the best of luck with these techniques until we meet again!

How to touch up your windows between professional cleanings – Part 1

Now that you have clean windows Everything is nice and sparkly, and you can see again!

But lets face it, things do happen between professional cleanings, and we’re sure you don’t want to have us back every two months (although, we wouldn’t mind).

We’ve made this touch-up and maintenance guide so that you can keep your windows clean when Rover gets too excited that your car just pulled up the driveway, or little Jimmy thinks that its a good idea to throw spaghetti and meatballs at your clean glass.

Basic touch-up window cleaning

First and foremost, we do not recommend the use of Windex or other ammonia-based glass cleaners.

Windex leaves a residue behind. Your windows will look clean after you use it, but this residue will attracts dust and fine particulates in the air, which will make your windows look dirty again very quickly. Ammonia can harm newer windows. as glass technology progresses, windows are often coated with special UV Coatings and sealant treatments. It varies by manufacturer, but the use ammonia and other harsh cleaners can damage the glass surface and even void the warranty on new windows!

For home touch-up, we recommend alcohol based foaming glass cleaners. Examples are

Zep Foaming Glass Cleaner

Zep window cleaner

Sprayaway Glass Cleaner

Sprayaway window cleaner

Both of these products are available for less than $5 at Home Depot, Lowes, WalMart and Target.

Also, we discourage the use of abrasives and/or razor on tempered glass. During the manufacturing process, microscopic bits of glass can get baked onto the glass surface (aka fabricating debris). When these particles are scraped the can rip across the glass and cause deep gouges and scratches. Here are some more tips for cleaning your glass between pro cleanings. Enjoy!